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Would you like to gain more likes on Instagram? There are plenty of Instagram powerlikes suppliers that offer packages where you can get likes on Instagram but these suppliers can seriously damage your account. A few of these 3rd party services demand and use your password to control your profile so they can like, view and comment spam other profiles 24/7!

This is very dangerous and puts your could damage your profile. Instagram has a zero tolerance for this kind of behavior as they prefer more organic and natural interactions and relationships to blossom. As a result, Instagram has put measures in destination to combat profiles who buy Instagram likes. The Instagram algorithm detects and ´shadowbans´ profiles exhibiting unnatural behavior, sometimes even removing these harmful profiles from the community altogether!

We review the largest suppliers of Instagram growth services, views, and likes for Instagram, and their ways to ensure that you may use their services safely and not ensure you get your account damaged or scammed!

We wish you to enjoy the best Instagram growth service, where you may use products without worry, navigating Instagram freely like everybody else (but with secret powers!).


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At we’ve tried many service suppliers over the years due to scammers and service suppliers not being 100% honest. This is the reason for launching this review and comparison website.

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Instagram Growth & Powerlikes Reviews

You need to be careful nowadays after Instagram declared war on Powerlikes and other third-party services. Many suppliers usually do not update their services which means most are not appropriate for the most recent changes to the Instagram algorithm. This non-compliance damages customer’s accounts. We are here to ensure that you get the very best deal and that your supplier is updating their platform to comply with the latest updates.

You will see real reviews from editors in addition to real customer reviews on all services supplied.

This is a open platform to ensure you are 100% informed of what’s going on which means you do not get scammed.

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We test & try other Instagram Growth Services

Do you know ways to get more views on Instagram?

Powerlikes will help your Instagram profile grow, however, there are plenty of alternative services which will also help your account grow as well. These services being Growth & Views. In comparison to Powerlikes, growth services usually employ a traditional Follow / Unfollow method and we can easily monitor and review these systems, too. Other services reviewed include ones offering boost views for Instagram videos (Instagram video views) to help Instagram growth. These services are relatively not used to the industry but are proving to be another popular alternative for growth.

Reviews Coming Soon

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Other Instagram Service Reviews

It isn't just Instagram Powerlikes that are available to help your account grow on Instagram. There are services like Instagram Video Views, Growth  and many more.